Safeguarding hydraulic fracturing and our energy future


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Public concern over fracking contamination?  We can help.

Let's face it, hydraulic fracturing is one of the most controversial subjects of modern drilling and regulation.  Fracking technology has revolutionized the natural gas industry, vastly expanding the number of economically viable wells and increasing returns.  Now, the majority of all wells drilled in the United States are fracked.  The result?  Decreased dependence on foreign hydrocarbons and an increase in American job opportunities.

Unfortunately, public concern has increased as fracking becomes more widespread.  Despite "no reports of...substantiated groundwater contamination due to the practice", many worry that somehow the fluids from hydraulic fracture operations will contaminate local aquifers.   The introduction of voluntary chemical disclosure websites such as Frac Focus seek to subdue common fears that the chemicals used are harmful.  Regardless, sustained public opposition stemming from a lack of quantifiable proof that fracking fluids are contained within the vicinity of the wellbore threatens the future of hydraulic fracturing. 

Public opposition to hydraulic fracturing.  Image: ProgressOhio (flickr)

FracEnsure can not only provide this proof but also overcome the limitations of other tracer methods.  Unlike chemical tracers, the unique composition of the FracEnsure tracer allows it to be detected in extremely small concentrations and over long time periods.  FracEnsure's tracers also contain zero radioactive materials, these materials unfortunately being a common ingredient in many tracers and one of the most prominent concerns of fracking's opposition.

Small particles.  Enormous capability. 

FracEnsure provides hydraulic fracture fluid tracers and detection services to conventional and unconventional energy exploration companies uniquely tagging each operator’s frac fluids in order to help subdue public opposition to perceived environmental impacts.

Our reliable and safe method to track the long-term flow of fracture fluids is essential to ensure a sustainable future for hydraulic fracturing. In addition, by positively identifying the presence of FracEnsure’s fluid tracers in the flowback of subsequent stages or in surrounding wells, FracEnsure’s fluid tracers can be used to develop a better understanding of the dynamics of fracing processes. FracEnsure offers a stable, non-invasive, non-toxic tracer and a tracer detection service which together provide the unique capability to identify and differentiate between tagged fracture fluids pumped down-hole, even if those fluids are collected from remote locations many years later.